Monday, July 25, 2011

First Birthday Party!

One year ago, I was sleepy. Like really, REALLY sleepy. You see, one year ago, I had a little boy who was only 1 day old. And one day old babies don't sleep for long. Therefore the mamas don't sleep for long. And if you are lucky enough to actually go to sleep... chances are you will be woken up by a nurse approximately 7 minutes after you finally fall asleep.

Hospitals + newborn = no sleep

Glad I could impart this wisdom to you.

Fortunately that was a year ago. Now I could get lots of sleep--if I wanted to go to bed early. But that would interfere with my copious amounts of TV watching. I mean, when else am I going to watch So You Think You Can Dance? Or Project Runway (returns Thursday!!! Wooo!).

Anyway, so yesterday we had a big 1st birthday bash for our little boy. And being the good mama that I am, I had a few desserts for our guests to choose from. Check them out below!

Hippo Cookies!

Chocolate cupcakes with "1" cookie stuck in it!

Hippo smash cake for the birthday boy!

And because I'm one proud mama, check out the birthday boy digging into his cake!

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