Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Cookies

As I previously mentioned, I am married to a super sports fanatic. As much as he likes baseball, it wouldn't even hold a candle to his football obsession--2 years ago he had 23(!!!) fantasy football teams. He's since toned it down since we had the boy, but still, it's a ridiculous number. Fortunately, I am a HUGE football fan. I always watched it with my dad and my brother when I was growing up. We still get together on Sundays to have dinner and watch football-particularly if the Dallas Cowboys are playing. Which brings me to today's cookies... the iconic Dallas Cowboys star logo. These were actually made for a friend of mine whose grandmother-in-law was celebrating her 81st birthday. Apparently she is a huge Cowboys fan! But I'm sure my brother and my dad would enjoy them...if they could stop yelling at the TV long enough to eat one.

Lots o' Stars

Football Helmet and stars

Single star that refuses to turn the right direction

Star on a helmet!!! Probably my favorite picture of a cookie I have ever taken! 

Thanks Lindsay for asking us to make cookies!

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