Monday, October 24, 2011

Texas Rangers Cookies!

I was never much of a baseball fan growing up. At least not a watch baseball on TV fan. I love going to see a game in person, but on TV? Not so much. And then I married a sports fanatic. Like a super sports fanatic. But even that didn't really get me to start watching much baseball on TV. Nope, that happened 15 months ago when I had a little boy. Then the Texas Rangers made the playoffs. And then the World Series. Since then I've become a TV baseball fan--at least when the Rangers are on. So in honor of the Rangers making the World Series again this year, I decided to celebrate by making some cookies! The Logo cookies were made free-hand, not using a KopyKake (which hopefully one day I will own), so they aren't perfect, but I LOVE how they turned out nonetheless.
Logo Cookies


Texas Rangers!


Texas Rangers Baseball Platter

Go Rangers! Beat the Cardinals!!!

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