Monday, September 12, 2011

Roll the Dice

One of my good friends and I recently started a BUNCO group. Do you guys know what Bunco is? Or is it just a Texas thing??? Anyway, it's a super fun and easy dice game that requires 8 or 12 people (12 is waaay more fun!). Tonight was our first game, which I hosted. So OF COURSE I had to make cookies. Below are the quick and easy cookies I made for our dessert. And I say quick and easy because they were the last 2 dozen of the 8 dozen cookies I decorated for orders this week. By the time I was ready to do these, I was low on icing, and getting sleepy--a double whammy in my opinion. And since they were for my friends, I figured they wouldn't care if they were super elaborate--as long as they were tasty.

Just like the cookie says.. BUNCO!

Roll the dice....

BUNCO cookie platter

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